The following criteria must be met in order for an applicant to become a member of the Houston Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers
Motorcycle Club.

1.  Be nominated at a monthly meeting of the chapter by a Full "Patch" member in "Good Standing."

2.  Be a motorcyclist of "Good Moral" character (No Criminal Record) and owns a "Road-Ready" motorcycle of at least 750 cc.

3.  Be licensed to operate a motorcycle in the State of Texas.

4.  Applicant must provide proof of insurance at time of application and have a current State of Texas Inspection sticker on            
their motorcycle.

5.  Agree to provide proof of insurance annually as required by Club's By-Laws.

6.  Must educate themselves in the history of the "Buffalo Soldiers." (9th & 10th U.S. Cavalry).

7.  Must participate in at least three (3) rides with an one or more "Full Patch" members of the club prior to being nominated  for   
probationary status. (This a "Getting-To-Know-You Period).

8.  Must agree to submit to a Background Check.

9.  Must complete a minimum of one-thousand miles in the saddle with one or more "Full Patch"  members during the
probationary period.

10. Must have completed within the previous five years a military or state-approved "Motorcycle Safety Course", or agree to
complete a state-approved "Motorcycle Safety Course" within the Six month probationary period.

11. All applicants will seek out and coordinate a community service project prior to the completion of
their probationary period.

12.  Agree to abide by the By-Laws of both the local chapter and the National Association of Buffalo
Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Clubs.

13.  Carry a "majority vote" of acceptance from the general membership and the Executive
Committee of the chapter at the completion of the required probationary period.
Membership Criteria
Houston Mother Chapter