Name: Michael "Hawk" Hawkins.

Iron Horse: 1996 Harley Davidson Electric Glide

My experience for the past ten years with the Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Nation has been remarkable. Since joining the club in 2003 I’ve gained a
tremendous amount of knowledge and skills in community outreach. The club has traveled from one end of the United States to the other end.  I
highly recommend this organization to Forward-Thinking Individuals, who enjoy promoting a positive public image.  Lady Rita and I enjoy riding,
forging partnerships that will help build cooperative communities. As well, we enjoy the fellowship with people who follow the teachings of Jesus

Experiences:  Fire Fighter, Life Safety Bureau, Fire Prevention, EMT Paramedic, Harris County Hospital District Medic, Community Outreach
and Investments

Education:  LeTourneau University BBM, Trident University MBA
Trooper Hawk
Current Sgt-At-Arms (Houston BSMC
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