The Houston Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, was founded in
March 2002 by
 Ronald "Gold Rush" Goodwell and Leon "Grasshopper" Sanford .  

The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Clubs
N.A.B.S.T.M.C) granted the Houston Chapter membership on June 5, 2002, by a
unanimous vote.     

The NABSTMC is currently comprised of One Hundred and Eight  
member chapters
in Thirty-six (36) States and Two (2) Countries.

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Texas was incorporated on the 25th of June
2002. We are  active in supporting charitable events, community service projects, and
the promoting of the
"Buffalo Soldiers Legacy".

Our Chapter's goals are:

1.  To be a "positive" influence in our community and to educate and inform our        
communities about the Buffalo Soldiers Legacy.
2.  Mentor youth on the importance of Family, Education and our History.
3.  To promote safe motorcycling .
Chapter History
Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club
Houston, TX  (Mother Chapter)
Our Motto is..."One Club, One Patch...., One Mindset!"